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About Thanh 39

People often ask us, “what does Thanh 39 mean?” We want all of our customers to know that this name is very symbolic for our store. The Vietnamese word “Thanh” represents something that is “simple and elegant.” The number “39” is a lucky number. The combination of these two, “Thanh 39” means “simple and elegant gifts that bring luck and happiness.” It is the perfect description of the special products that we offer.

Thanh 39 is a one-of-a-kind gift shop offering unique personalized gifts for any occasion. This hidden gem originated in Saigon, South Vietnam over 40 years ago. The business was passed down from father to son. That son, Hung Tran, and his family, traveled to the U.S. in 1980, bringing the Thanh 39 business with them. In 1992 he opened the Thanh 39 store in San Jose, California where it currently resides.

The store previously specialized in handcrafted wood carved gifts custom personalized by Hung using his highly praised skill in calligraphy. With the acquisition of a 100 watt laser cutter and a computerized rotary engraving machine, Hung was able to transfer his beautiful art to an even larger variety of unique items. Even so, some customers still prefer the personal touch added by Hung’s hand written calligraphy, which he is happy to provide. Hung and the rest of the Thanh 39 family pride themselves on not only creating unique custom engraved gifts, but on assisting customers in choosing the right gift for any occasion be it weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or other special occasions. Thanh 39 also maintains long term relationships with an array of different organizations. Hung Tran previously held a career as a mechanical designer for high tech companies in Silicon Valley. He is adept at using computer aided design software, and combines this skill with his own artistic talent to design and create elegant professional corporate awards and trophies for many companies.

We are constantly adding to our selection of custom personalized gifts from picture frames to hand painted acrylic statuettes, to engraved jewelry, mugs, plaques, wood carved items, and much more! Many of our items also feature hand drawn artwork by Thanh 39’s talented staff artists. We don’t just engrave gifts; we compose many of our product designs and layouts for an artistic appeal. Hung and the staff have over 30 years of experience, and provide personalized service to complement the personalized gifts.

Thanh 39 offers high quality products at affordable prices. We have been satisfying customers for decades, and now we are proud to share our custom gifts with even more people with the launch of our website www.Thanh39.com . From South Vietnam to Northern California to the World Wide Web, Thanh 39 gives you quality crafted unique personalized birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, and other special occasion gifts. With Thanh 39’s custom personalizations every gift is one-of-a-kind.