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"6/25/2011 I have a high quality product and my merchandise came within just a few days. I have ordered in the past through the same merchant and look forward to doing more business. Also note every person I referred the site to seems to have the same opinion. Keep up your great work. Tiffany!",

"6/14/2011 Wow! You couldn't find a better place for your custom-made order. Recently, I had a good friend who committed suicide. My idea to find a crucifix and engrave his name, his birthday and the date he passed away. However, I went further to write a poem for him as well. Finally, it became a long story to engrave on the crucifix. But I really would like to capture all of it. The engraved crucifix would be mailed to my friend's family, thousand miles away. Therefore, the staffs were willing to work with me and suggested the best way to perform the work. The staffs were very knowledgeable, flexible, and detail-oriented. They made sure all my requests were captured correctly; they were able to expedite my request; and more than that they gave me a good discount. When I came back to pick it up, I was amazed with the outcome. The words were so beautiful crafted on the wood: the name, the dates, the poem, the heart symbol were clearly defined in such little space. It was really more than I expected. I was very happy with the quality and the service. None of my requests were compromised. This is absolutely the place to go to have your custom-made order. It has an excellent customer service, excellent quality and affordable cost. I highly recommend!",

"6/7/2011 I found the service here to be terrific. I came to them trying to get a custom engraved photo album. I already had an idea of what I wanted and wasn't interested in any templates they offer. The woman was really nice and patient with me, they went out of their way to make me just what I was imagining. I had a photo of my girlfriend and I in Yosemite that I wanted to be the cover of a photo album that I was going to make myself. They offered to have me bring in my own wood for them to laser engrave the photo on to but I liked what they had anyway. My request was particularly difficult for them because it is difficult to engrave an image with as much going on as my photo did. They said they usually photo shop the landscape out of images but they were willing to work with me. I also wanted the album cover in less time then they usually take and they made it ASAP for me. Anyway I'm so glad I went to them, they're nice, they're flexible, and they do great work. I definitely recommend them to anybody and everybody!.",

"5/14/2011 Hi! About a year and a half ago, I purchased one of your personalized picture pendants after finding your store through a Yahoo search. I emailed you a photo, and you quickly made my pendant and sent it out to me in very little time, and I was very pleased with the item I received! Because it bears a picture of my daughter, it instantly became my favorite piece of jewelry, and I wear it almost every day.

I just wanted to let you know, not only how pleased I am with my purchase from you, but that I get more compliments on that particular piece of jewelry than I get for every other jewelry item I own combined! I wear it to work, and people are always commenting on it and asking where I bought it. I've written down your store name so many times that I've lost count, and I hope that at least some of those people have actually gone to your web store and purchased from you, because I think you do such nice work!

Thank you again for a beautiful item. I would gladly buy from you again, and likely will in the future. Good luck to you, and keep up the good work!."