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Personalized Red ‘Everlasting’ Heart Keepsake

Personalized Red ‘Everlasting’ Heart KeepsakeDimensions: 5.5”w x 5.0”h x 2.0”d
Material: Acrylic

May your special day be filled with many precious memories of the life you’ve shared, and may your future years together bring you continued happiness.

After years of sharing your lives together, make even more special memories with the one you love by giving this unique red heart anniversary keepsake.We engrave the names of the couple, their anniversary date, and a heartwarming message on this gift to custom personalize it just for you. This elegant gift is designed to hold a favorite photo of the happy couple. Quality-made from clear acrylic, this keepsake has a stunning crimson marble finish design and a lovely hand-drawn rose.

*Gift comes in elegant blue cushion box